Global Storybook Engineers

Literacy and Engineering for Grade K-2

In this course, together with their global partner, students learn fables, stories and myths from different cultures - and then explore how they can re-engineer the outcome using household and crafting materials!


Learn myths, fables and fairy tales from many different cultures.


Engineer solutions to rescue storybook heroes from the dilemmas they face!


Share your hands-on engineering experiments by video with your global partner student (who lives in another country).

Harness the power of fairytale and myth to learn the fundamentals of engineering! Students listen to folk tales, stories and myths from different cultures and explore how they can engineer solutions to rescue storybook heroes by building spaghetti towers, boats, Bristlebots and more. They share and compare their design challenges with their global partner class through a series of video exchanges and learn about each other’s lives and cultures in the process.

In Global Storybook Engineers - Part 2, students embark on another round of lessons with all NEW stories and projects. Using the engineering design cycle they ​engineer solutions to rescue storybook heroes incorporating materials such as a fishing line with weights to build a zip-line or popsicle sticks to build a bridge. Telling a Lithuanian legend or an African favorite, students share the results of their design challenges with global partners and learn about each other’s lives and cultures in the process.

Teacher Feedback

“What we as teachers especially appreciate about Global Storybook Engineers is that it pairs literacy with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Research shows that when STEM problems have a narrative, real-life story to them, students working on them are more engaged. In addition, combining reading with engineering their own designs leads to a boost in literacy.” (See Nathan’s article here.)

Nathan Lutz

Global Learning Coordinator at Kent School

“We really wanted to add design thinking into the Lower School curriculum, and this program was the ideal avenue. The design thinking part of this is so cool, but the global connection added to it is really the icing on the cake.” (See the full story here.)

Jill Driscoll

The Pingry School, NJ

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