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LUV courses encourage the development of 21st century skills and global competency through our unique peer-to-peer global collaboration experience. Teachers can easily implement our STEAM and Global Citizenship courses either as part of their regular school day or during after-school or school break enrichment classes.
LUV provides the global partner, curriculum, training, and access to our secure global collaboration platform where all student communication takes place. Using our collaboration platform, students get to know their global partners across the world by exchanging video messages about their lives, communities, and specific project-based tasks.
Together, they address real-life issues by applying their new learning and design-thinking skills to a collaborative, international project! Learn more about our LUV course offerings, or let us know how we can help you customize the experience for your class!


Global Sound Artists

Music and Global Citizenship Grades Pre-K-2

A hands-on journey to discover sound and music that includes building instruments and learning about the music of your partner class’ culture.

Global Storybook Engineers 1

Literacy and Engineering Grades Pre-K-2

An innovative introduction to engineering through the lens of folk tales and myths while exploring how to “rescue” storybook heroes by building towers, boats, bristle-bots and more!

Global Scientists

Chemistry and Engineering Grades 3-5

A study of the chemical properties of water, the water cycle, and the engineering design of aquifers and filtration systems as well as hands-on research on global water issues and solutions.

Global Conversations: Esperanza Rising

Literature, Global Citizenship Grades 3-5

An exploration of Pam Muñoz Ryan’s Esperanza Rising where partners research and explain empathy, indifference, or antagonism toward those looking to rebuild their lives.

Global Doctors DNA

Biology Grades 6-9

An introduction to DNA and a discussion about how genetics are impacted by different environmental conditions.

Global Conversations: I Am Malala

Literature, Global Citizenship Grades 6-9

A reading and discussion of I Am Malala with a focus on cultural stereotypes, education, leadership, and community service.

Global Citizen Series

Global Citizenship Grades 9-12

Introduce your teen students to global citizenship and 21st century skills and teach them to think critically about important global issues aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Custom Global Citizen Series

Global Citizenship Grades 9-12

Do you have a different global issue that you want to explore with your students? LUV is happy to help you customize the Global Citizenship curriculum to fit your needs.