Masoom Education (India)

“Through this time, I learned I can prepare something. I learned I can learn something new and grow in my future.”

Sadhana, Masoom student talking about her LUV class.

Masoom supports victims of child labor through education programs in dozens of night schools all over Mumbai.

Masoom is one of our newest LUV Global Partners, they ran their first LUV class in February of 2015, but as an organization, they have been around since 2008.

Nikita Ketkar, the founder and CEO of Masoom, had long been interested in the night schools that serve students who must work during the days. In 2006, Nikita and six researchers undertook a research project that revealed that the night schools needed improved resources and infrastructure to fulfill their missions. Nikita formed Masoom to address those problems.

Masoom’s vision is to empower, strengthen and transform night schools to ensure youth learn better and earn better. Masoom’s mission is to enable night school students to achieve their full potential through educational and policy support leading to better skills and job opportunities.

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