We Are One And The Same!

By Reem Al-Kadi, Arab Model Schools

Hello Everybody, I’m a kindergarten teacher from the lovely country of Jordan. Our school’s name is Arab Model Schools.

The school’s mission is to consider achieving our nation’s aims of unity, freedom, social solidarity and obtaining acquaintance of other nations in order to absorb the advantages of such cultures that suit our society. So, our job is not only to take care of the students’ academics but also to build their characters and give them a moral compass.

Therefore, LUV fits right in with our mission and goals. It was such a wonderful opportunity to have my kids participate in this program. We partnered with Moses Brown School in the United States to work on the Global Sound Artists program, where we explored different musical instruments from around the globe.

The kids listened enthusiastically to tunes of other countries and learned about their cultures. Even though they might not have fully understood the language and the lyrics of the songs, they still were able to enjoy and feel its melodies and sensations.

What they loved the most was seeing their partners’ videos and interacting with other kids across the world, talking about the projects they were working on and asking them general questions. The kids discussed the similarities and differences they had with their partners in terms of their lifestyle, classes, language and more.

The students discovered many things in common for example; My partner, Ms. Elizabeth told me how one of her kids got excited when he saw one of my own students wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, mentioning that it was his favorite movie too. I responded that one of my kids reacted in a similar way after he had seen one of her students wearing a dinosaur t-shirt!

Such similarities and differences noticed by kids from both sides –despite their young age- has expanded our students’ horizons, knowledge and acceptance of others. It even helped them in grasping a feel of what a global citizen is, and how we really are all one and the same.