Connect your students remotely using Level Up Village's virtual Learning platform!

Level Up Village (LUV), a pioneer in global online learning, has been connecting students remotely since 2012. Pairing students across the world for shared project-based learning experiences addressing real world issues is our unique competency. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get your students reading, analyzing, and discussing any content or theme – we are your answer.

The LUV Platform is:

  • Designed for teachers all over the world as an easy collaboration management system.
  • A cutting edge, peer-to-peer communication platform.
  • An organized, streamlined classroom management system that gives teachers a birds-eye view of the entire class and their work.

Click on the images below to see how our Teacher and Student Portals work:

Use your own content or our project-based learning curriculum

Have your own content already? Use our platform to pair your students with each other! Need content to keep your students engaged with each other? Use our ready-made STEM project-based courses, as well as our conversation-focused Global Citizen Series courses.


Platform-only usage with your own content: $10 per student

Our LUV curriculum platform classes: $20 per student
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