Amy McCooe

CEO & Co-Founder

Amy McCooe brings a wealth of business experience and her lifelong passion for education to Level Up Village (LUV).

In her position as CEO of Level Up Village, Amy manages both operations and sales. With the help of her team, she has designed and implemented a streamlined operations system to manage the setup and maintenance of all Level Up Village courses, including the video exchange and collaboration between LUV students from around the world.  Amy has also developed the market strategy for the LUV sales team and designed and managed the day-to-day sales and marketing process.

A graduate of Trinity College Amy worked as a business finance analyst at SEI Corporation and then managed risk at CS First Boston as a credit analyst. After receiving an MBA from the University of Texas in 1998, she worked as a business consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. Motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit, Amy then served as VP of Operations and Marketing for a NYC-based media startup headed by the former CEO of Infoseek.  While there, Amy helped create a cutting edge advertising  platform and concept, while also running operations.

While raising four children, Amy spent many years as a PTA parent volunteer running the After School program, cultivating and sourcing STEM-based enrichment opportunities.  Her desire to help parents prepare their students for the 21st century and today’s global economy led her to many spirited discussions with fellow parent and PTA volunteer Neesha Rahim. Together, they launched Level Up Village in 2012.

Right from the start, the company’s global STEAM courses were in demand. Level Up Village courses now run at 300+ U.S. schools and at 40+ global partner organizations in 20+ countries.

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