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Several experienced LUV Global Educators have agreed to answer questions from teachers who are thinking about bringing LUV to their schools.

Words from LUV Global Educators

Cora Tench

“Our students report that ‘it’s cool to be talking to someone across the world!’ They are fascinated by the similarities between themselves and their global partners — one of our students has a partner with the same name! As a class, we’ve spent some time studying the geography and culture of Jordan, including reading folk stories from the Middle East. Students love the Mulla Nasruddin tales and say that they’re ‘funny and clever.’

“We’ve also learned about Jordan’s wonderful tradition of hospitality to refugees from nearby countries, and we watched a video of Syrian expatriates who formed a professional orchestra. In a time when so much of the news focuses on the negative, Level Up Village has given us a wonderful opportunity to learn about current events in the Middle East in a positive way. “

– Cora Tench, Upper Elementary Teacher at East Cooper Montessori Charter School.

Watch this TV news segment about Cora’s Global Doctors DNA collaboration.

May 8, 2017

Sam Wallman

“I believe that a global education, at any age, is hugely important. Students are able to develop an international mindset from a young age and a global education enables students to think about what they are learning in their classes as it relates to the important events around the world. Teaching modern tech skills like web design, game design and 3D design provide students with key and valued skills in higher education and in the job market.

“Our students have learned quite a lot, though the most important thing I would say is the value of teamwork and working with someone very different from you. They’ve come to understand that their partners’ different perspectives are, indeed, different, but are valuable and often necessary to the production of a complete and well-rounded end-product.”

– Sam Wallman, Covenant Preparatory School in Hartford, CT.

May 8, 2017

Jestan Weeks

“The Global Doctors program was my favorite of the four Level Up Village courses I taught. Our students felt a direct connection between studies of disease, hunger and DNA while engaging in such activities like building a candy DNA strand or listening to doctors discuss how to prevent disease through simple activities like washing hands….Our students  have learned that, though a very significant piece, they are a part of a larger puzzle that is our world. What they are learning doesn’t just affect their college and career preparedness; it preps them to be a stronger global citizen.”

– Jestan Weeks, Covenant Preparatory School, Hartford CT

May 3, 2017

Anna Jones

“Throughout the Level Up Village project our students have had the opportunity to apply their learning, which is the most powerful component in classrooms today. Our students learned with students from countries they may never visit, in a new and exciting format. The experience gave them the opportunity to reflect on their learning and expand that environment to new places with different challenges. Projects like LUV take blended learning and innovation to a new level. I believe our students had an authentic experience where they were able to utilize 21st century skills as learners as well as a wide variety of content to problem solve.”

– Anna Jones, Teacher and Administrator, Talladega County Schools, AL

May 3, 2017

Katie Sandlin

“It was amazing to see students problem solve, get creative, see real life math at work, and get to learn from a partner from across the world… It is so important as educators that we give students the opportunities to see and understand the world around them. Collaboration and working on a project together – starts to build that friendship, and charge the drive to get it done.  It makes students realize sometimes things aren’t so different when we think they are.  Opening a child’s eyes to the world around them is an amazing experience!”

– Katie Sandlin, Teacher at Pace Academy, Atlanta, GA.

May 3, 2017

Somaya Tarawneh

Education is the right for every child. It is our goal to provide them with it in any suitable way. Learning is not only in classes but even outside of classes anywhere, anytime. 21st Century Skills help students find themselves, discover their abilities and have their own voice. My students learned some coding skills, but having partners from the U.S. was amazing to them. They were able to express themselves and challenge themselves more in how to present their country and their own lives.”

– Somaya Tarawneh at Hassad al Tarbaweh School in Jordan

May 3, 2017

Patrick Munguti

“My students and I have learned to solve our day to day challenges using the engineering design process. Global education opportunities give both the student and teachers a chance to open up their horizons beyond their village.. They have had the opportunity to learn from their peers in the developed world and have found that they have more in common than differences. Students who have participated in LUV programs are quite courageous and very engaged in class than those who have not. The program needs to be scaled to as many schools as possible.”

– Patrick Munguti, Teacher at Kenya Connect.

He taught multiple LUV courses including Global InventorsRead more: 3DPrinting in Rural KenyaWorld is a Global Village


May 3, 2017

Taylor Hammrich

“Teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills through STEAM is incredibly important, especially to students that are significantly underrepresented in STEAM professions.  Further, being able to teach these skills while also educating students how to use and create their own designs in CAD software and to see their creations come to life from a 3D printers allows my students to envision themselves having a future in STEAM.  Lastly, with our world becoming smaller and smaller with the increasing access we have to information, the internet, and ability to travel, we need to understand how to communicate with people all over the world.  The Global Inventors class through LUV has provided a platform for my students to accomplish all of this, and to have their doors opened to the world around them.”

-Taylor Hammrich, STEAM Teacher, Kepner Beacon Middle School, Denver, CO

May 3, 2017

Karen Orozco

“Previously, they did not know how to turn on a laptop. Now they use it by themselves and feel very confident. Another achievement is that some of them are not nervous anymore to record a short video letter. From the video letters, they can get an idea of their global partner’s culture and they learn a new way of thinking about their education.”

– Karen Orozco, Teacher at NicaPhoto and LUV’s Global Partner Teacher of the Year for 2017

(Read more about Karen’s experience teaching Level Up Village courses at NicaPhoto.)

May 3, 2017

Tina Coffey

“There are projects that you know are going to be cool, and you get into the middle of it and you’re like, oh my gosh, this is even better than I imagined. This is one of those. I think it’s the best thing I’ve done with students in this job…Best of all, students made a global friend, and shared aspects of their lives with them, and learned a lot about a different country in a very personal way.”

– Tina Coffey, Oak Grove Elementary School, Roanoke, VA, and LUV’s U.S. Teacher of the Year for 2017

(Read more about Tina’s Global Inventors collaboration in this front page article in the Roanoke Times and this article on the Level Up Village blog.)

May 3, 2017

Wendy Powers

“Right now they are learning a lot about how scientist classify animals and how they are grouped. In Texas our science skills require us to talk about animals, life cycles, and food chains. This topic goes perfectly with our curriculum but it takes them so much deeper and makes a real world connection for them so the learning becomes relevant.”

– Wendy Powers, Teacher at Rooster Elementary School, Austin, TX

(Read more about her experience teaching Global Explorers.)

May 3, 2017

Jessica Buckley

“Words cannot begin to describe the look on my students’ faces when they each watched their global partner videos for the first time. It’s moments like this that keep us in the classroom. This is the future of education: a world in which students design, create, problem solve and imagine together, despite cultural differences or language barriers.”

– Jessica Buckley, Teacher at Ursuline Academy of New Orleans, LA

(Read more her about her experience teaching Global Web Designers in Getting Smart.)

May 3, 2017

Juliette Berry

“This course was a great way for me to learn about incorporating culture and technology into the science classroom. Learning about ecology and the environment is a big part of building new technology today that will enhance the lives of the future.

“LUV transforms your classroom into a global classroom by providing a window to the rest of the world. The LUV video exchanges allowed students to gain firsthand knowledge into the lives of other students around the world. Students loved the video exchange with their partners. It was great to see how excited they were to write back and tell their new friends all about our community. ”

– Juliette Berry, afterschool STEM instructor at Samuel Staples Elementary School, Easton, CT. She taught the Global Explorers course.

May 8, 2017

Brindley Drake

“All too often students are only focused on what is in front of them and their school workload.  The exchange of video messages using Level Up Village’s Global Collaboration Platform allows insight into the daily life of students globally, all while learning valuable lessons.”

– Brindley Drake, Teacher at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Houston, TX

(Read more about her experience teaching LUV courses.)

May 3, 2017

David Beshk

“We first watched a video on Honduras to gain a working understanding of their culture, and did a slow zoom in from Google Earth to show the relationship between us, in San Juan Capistrano, and our partner school in Central America. Then our students got paired off, and we progressed to the energy portion of the course. Our students were really surprised to learn that Honduras is a major hydroelectric producing country as well as one of the world’s leading wind farm generators.”

– David Beshk, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in San Juan Capistrano, CA. (Read more about David’s Global Inventors collaboration in this article in PC Mag and this article in Parenting OC Magazine, which named David Top Teacher of Orange County.)

May 3, 2017

Attakorah Mensa

“The water class taught students a lot. Now they are aware of how to manage water and not to pollute water. Anything you do on the surface of the land, they know eventually is going to pollute the water beneath the soil. And I as a teacher have learned a lot. Sometimes we as teachers have to practice before we can come to the class so we’ll be conversant with the lesson and we can deliver a good class.”

– Attakorah Mensa, Exponential Education in Ghana (Learn more about his experience teaching LUV courses in this video.)

May 3, 2017

Abby Giroux

“LUV fits the bill for the skills kids will need to be successful in, say, 2025. The tech and global connection integrated with science hooked me. Global Web Designers has provided me a platform to teach the science I have to teach in a well-rounded, relevant, applicable, cross-curricular, whole-person way.”

– Abby Giroux, Middle School Principal and a teacher at All Saints Academy in Grand Rapids, MI. (Read more about Abby’s experience teaching Global Web Designers here.)

May 3, 2017

Tracey Williams

“The biggest takeaway that I hope our students got from this experience is learning about another culture and really collaborating and learning what it means to be a global partner and have a collaboration that’s more than building on a 3D printer, but really getting to know the partners they’re working with in India.

“The whole idea is for kids to learn about kids from another country that maybe might not be as privileged as they are and might not have the same kind of background that they do, but they can find similarities and things they have in common.”

– Tracey Williams, All Saints Episcopal Day School, Phoenix, AZ. (Learn more about her students’ Global Inventors project in this video and this magazine article.)

April 28, 2017

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