Virtual Reality

Amplifying Learning with Virtual Reality

By Jake Parmley

Virtual reality is a powerful learning tool that affords students the opportunity to not just see or hear, but also interact in a virtual environment, and by doing so, arrive at a greater understanding. Now, due to its greater affordability and available content, VR has the potential to amplify learning by enhancing curriculums and providing context in a way that is both accessible and experiential, particularly in the STEM classroom.

Despite Growing Pains, Virtual Reality is on the Rise in Education

By Jake Parmley

Virtual Reality is a powerful new technology that’s opening doors for gaming, film, communication and education. While 2016 has proved to be a defining year for VR, the immersive tech still faces growing pains, like consumer acceptance and quality content, before being completely embraced within classrooms. However, many of those growing pains are being addressed in ways that prove VR can revolutionize how we educate students and share experiences.