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Building a New Global Classroom at NicaPhoto

By Nicki Brill

It was 105° in the small town of Nagarote, Nicaragua. Sweat dripped down my face as I lugged yet another pile of dirt out of the garden bed. I sensed my advisees were growing more tired with every passing hour, but we all persevered, determined to both build a new classroom and create a garden that would help further the educational programs at NicaPhoto. That’s what we at Builders Beyond Borders (B3) were known for, after all – building a better world for others.

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Spanish Program with a Cross-Cultural Exchange

Energize Your School’s Spanish Program with a Cross-Cultural Exchange + Engineering

To make Spanish truly relevant and exciting for students, U.S. schools can choose to pair up with one of Level Up Village’s Latin American Global Partners. LUV’s Pied Piper Engineering course is an excellent choice for this cross-cultural exchange for students as young as Kindergarten through 2nd grade.