Growth Mindset

Global Conversations From Across the World

For the past five years, I’ve looked for ways to enrich my experience as a Math teacher at Dr. Pillai Global Academy (DPGA) in Mumbai, India. DPGA prides itself on being a “maximum opportunity” learning environment school, designed to impart education that empowers children to pursue a globally challenging career. The focus is on activity-oriented teaching and beyond-the-classroom methods. That’s why Level Up Village was perfect for us.

Top Reads to Kick Start Your School Year

By Esra Murray, Teacher at ISD

Thank you for joining us in our ongoing quest for revised ways to impact lives of 21st century learners. In our earlier post Top Summer “Recharge, Refresh & Refuel” Reads for Educators, we listed the first five books that are destined to reshape the way you think about teaching, learning and innovation, or at least validate our amazing work as educators. This week, we have another five phenomenal books that urge us to delve deeper into the behavior and attitude of learners and define the meaning of a true global learner.

How Game Design Fosters a Growth Mindset

Perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities to foster a Growth Mindset in students is through Game Design. Alongside instructors, students will discover and embrace this mindset by developing new strategies and demonstrating resilience in the face of failure.