Global Citizen Series: Social Media

Arabic Immersion

Introduction to LUV

This two-week exchange will take place from January 13th and will require an average of 2 hours of classroom time per week.

Each classroom will:

  • Conduct their exchanges entirely in Arabic
  • Discuss the pros and cons of social media use (please click here to view some examples)
  • Exchange two videos over the course of the two-week connection with their partners
  • Create one or more Public Service Announcement (PSA)* to share with their partners.

*A PSA can be a simple video or podcast about the topic that will be shared on our platform for partners to learn from and provide feedback on. For instructions on how to create a PSA click here.

PSA Topic:

Social media has the power to facilitate social and political change but also enables the spread of false and unreliable information. How would you teach a young person new to social media to use it safely and effectively? Please give examples of social media being used effectively to affect social or political change as well as ineffectively to spread false information.


If you have any questions, please contact us.