School Toolkit

We have designed this toolkit to help you!

This toolkit has been designed to support your upcoming Level Up Village (LUV) course(s).

Please take a look at the different resources and distribute the flyers/documents you find most helpful.  Below each icon is a quick description of the contents of the resource, and how we envision them being used.  Feel free to download and customize any/all resources.  

We hope you find this helpful, and as always, we are available via phone or email if you have any questions. 

LUV Video: Break Down Classroom Walls
Video – What We Do

Find out how Level Up Village facilitates communication and collaboration between students from around the world in this new video.

LUV Video: What Makes a LUV Classroom Unique
Video – Who We Are

In this brief video about Level Up Village, hear our CEO talk about who we are and learn more about our global education vision and mission.

Training Webinar

Fall 2017 Schedule:
Global Competency | Platform Training | Course Specific based on STEM skill

Video – The LUV Teacher Portal

This video gives an introduction to the LUV Teacher Portal where teachers can manage different aspects of their class.

Video – The LUV Student Platform

This video demonstrates some features of the LUV Student Portal.

Video – Five Things to Remember

This video is linked in the curriculum and students watch it before they record their first video letters.

Video – Break Down Classroom Walls

This video demonstrates some features of our Global Collaboration Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

This document is designed for school administrators, STEAM coordinators, LUV Teachers, and IT support personnel. Use this to help answer frequently asked questions about running a course with LUV.

Course Flyers
Course Flyers

Each flyer includes the course description, weekly lesson overview and standards alignment.

Course List
Course List

Download this descriptive list of all courses offered by Level Up Village with grade levels and subject areas. Plug the content from here into emails to parents and teachers.

Supply Lists

Here you will find lists of supplies you need for all LUV courses. The PDFs are separated by course titles. Feel free to download those relevant to you and use them as need be.

Parents Email
Email – Prospective Families

Customize this email and send to the families at your school to explain about this opportunity and encourage them to enroll their students in this course.

Current Parents Email
Email – Current Families

Customize this email and send to the families of enrolled students to explain to families what the children will be doing in their LUV course.

Teacher Email
Email – Teacher Recruitment

Customize this email and send to potential teachers in your community to find and recruit someone to teach a LUV course at your school.


LUV has been featured in many news stories across a wide range of media outlets. Use this link to find relevant news stories that you can share with families to encourage enrollment.

Press Release Template

Send your customized press release to local/regional/education-specific media outlets along with 2-3 good photos. A good one to get is of a student watching his/her global partner video in full screen to illustrate the global connection.

Teacher Flyer
Flyer – Teacher Recruitment

This printable flyer includes information on benefits of teaching a LUV course and more! Customize this flyer to distribute digitally or in print to recruit a LUV teacher at your school!

Technology Requirements

This checklist provides a quick overview of the tech resources required by all Level Up Village courses. Share this with your IT / Tech Support Personnel ahead of time to make sure you are fully equipped to run our course(s).


While we do not provide our own grants to schools in the United States, we have put together a list that includes several popular education grant providers and other resources which might be helpful if you are looking for ways to fund a LUV program at your school.

LUV Presentation

This presentation provides a quick overview of the what LUV is, who we are and what we do. It shares our vision and mission, and the impact we have been able to create since 2012. It also shares the courses we offer and what the onboarding process looks like should a school decide to become a LUV partner.

Connect With Us

Encourage teachers, parents, and students to follow us on social media for the most up-to-date information on our company by linking the images and URLs to emails!