Are you looking for a great remote-learning STEM project for your student or child?

We are at a critical point in history when students from different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives must begin to learn HOW to work together on important global challenges. For this reason, Level Up Village (LUV) is very excited to be able to offer students access to our program FROM HOME, providing 1:1 remote-learning connections around the world.

Level Up Village has been connecting students in their school classrooms as global “STEM pals” since 2012. We enable students to connect with each other virtually to do project-based learning that addresses real world issues.

How does the Global Climate Change conversation work?

  • Students who register will be matched with a peer to research and address environmental issues facing the planet.
  • Starting every Monday in March and April 2020 for two weeks, students will gather information about local environmental issues and their impact, and consider what can be done about them to make a difference to their futures.
  • Students will then be guided through the creation of an effective Public Service Announcement (PSA) addressing these issues within their local community.
  • Having researched, developed, and recorded their PSA, students will then have the opportunity to proudly share their work with their peers through our LUV Global Communication Platform.
  • They will then watch video recordings of PSAs from peers around the world and engage in discussions about the topics.

Teachers and Parents

This engaging, at-home global education project will provide approximately 5-10+ hours of productive learning activity time for your student.


$20 per student