RIC-NET (Uganda)

RIC-NET began its first LUV classes in February of 2015. Like LUV Global Partners Masoom and the People Improvement Organization, RIC-NET came to us through the Global Fund for Children.

RIC-NET is dedicated to empowering students and creating wealth through the use of ICT in education. RIC-NET was founded by John Silco after an open space forums for civil society organizations in 2002/2003. At that forum Mr. Silco recognized the need for a network to boost effective and reliable information sharing.

RIC-NET implements a holistic approach to development that recognizes the provision of information as an essential element to transforming rural community productivity and sustainable development in the social, political and economic spheres. RIC-NET works with schools and government to train teachers and students in ICT, English and other areas.

RIC-NET takes a participatory approach by mobilizing local community residents to identify their information needs and collaboratively designs ICT-related strategies to meet those needs and monitor implementation. RIC-NET operates dozens of information centers that serve as hubs for research, training, library access, and social and recreational activities for the public.

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    RIC-NET Uganda
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    Rwenzori Region, Uganda
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