Pioneers School/Teach For Palestine (Palestine)

“The first week of Inventors changed what they thought was possible.”

Chloe O’ Connor, Lower School Director.

PBS/TFP are two of our newest partners. They began their first classes in March of 2015.

PBS and TFP were founded to create a generation of Palestinian leaders by providing a modern, student-centered, education designed to build character, innovation, and a love of, and responsibility for, Palestine.

After the Second Intifada, Nablus was decimated. Nablus was a center of the fighting and checkpoints had choked off the city, businesses were closed, and many people had fled. The Future Pioneers Society looked at the city they loved, once the center of the Palestinian economy but now brought low, and decided to build a school.

Palestinian education has been mired in rote learning for decades. The mission of PBS, and later TFP, is to bring a student centered approach to education in Palestine. Principal Lana Amad, also a founder of TFP, has worked tirelessly to expand the reach of both programs to serve as many students as possible. In eight years, the partner programs have grown from serving 80 students to over 700 combined.

Each of these students is encouraged to think, to problem solve, and to create. PBS is widely acknowledged as the finest school in Nablus and one of the finest in the West Bank.

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