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What We Do

Level Up Village is globalizing the classroom!

A social impact company based in Tarrytown, NY we deliver pioneering global STEAM (STEM plus Arts) enrichment courses that promote design thinking and collaboration on real-world problems between students from around the world. Our courses provide students with the necessary 21st century workforce readiness skills they need to be prepared for the global economy.

Level Up Village has run courses in close to 1,000 schools and in 20+ countries around the world, with almost 60,000 participating students:

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Connectivity with a Global Parter


LUV courses usually run for an 8-week period – weeks 1-4 include STEAM Foundation topic activities and on-line profile preparation and sharing, with the introduction to global competency and digital citizenship. Weeks 5-8 allow for four course video exchanges and collaboration project work to be shared and discussed. We recommend planning to spend 60-90 minutes per week on these activities – completion is flexible within the 7 day period – all activities are due by Friday of each week.

Weeks 1-4:

Course overview and introduction to global competency Foundational classroom discussion/STEAM work Demonstration of LUV Platform and LUV Code of Honor

By the end of Week 4:

Completion of LUV Profile:
5 ‘About Me’ Questions
3 ‘About Me’ Videos
Favorite music, films, photos chosen

Weeks 5-8:

Weekly interactions with partner – collaborating, communicating, sharing, iterating


Global Partner Locations:

LUV Courses

LUV offers global STEAM courses to students from pre-K through to 9th grade.

Please click here for a full course list with summary information for each course.

Watch below to see some of our Global Sound Artists classes from around the world:
Watch below to see a short overview of the LUV Global Communication Platform – Student Portal: