Exponential Education


Founded in 2010, Exponential Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with students in developing countries, helping them improve their learning levels and empowering them to become successful, socially conscious future leaders.

To date, Exponential Education has worked with over 45 schools throughout the eastern and central region of Ghana, and, to date, the program has now given over 45 college scholarships, provided over 225 high school students with tuition assistance, and given free tutoring in math and English to over 1125 junior high students. Combined with our other initiatives, Exponential Education has a total reach of over 2000 children.

Our organization is comprised of multiple initiatives, including our well-known Exponential Education Peer to Peer programs, our newly established Girls Leadership, Engagement, Action Program (LEAP), Boys for Positive Change and Level Up Village Classes. Click here to learn about our initiatives.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve the quality of and access to education in Africa.

Since it was established, Expo has implemented about 60 programs, provided 300 Senior High School (SHS) student tutors with tuition assistance, awarded 60 scholarships, and given free tutoring in math & English to over 1500 Junior High School (JHS) students. Combined with our other initiatives, Expo has a total reach of more than 2000 children!

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