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Chemistry and Engineering for Grades 3-5

In this course, students learn about water - how it can be polluted, cleaned, tested, stored and understood at an atomic level. Students will complete a global research project about water usage and conservation while getting to know their Global Partner who lives in another country


Learn about the water cycle and how water can be tested, cleaned and stored safely.


Design and build aquifers and water filters to better understand how water systems can be polluted and purified.


Collaborate by video with your Global Partner Student to research water usage and to help bring clean water to the world.

Access to clean water in many countries is a significant global health issue. In this course,students learn about the water cycle, aquifers, water-borne illnesses and water filtration to better understand how water systems can be polluted and purified. Through a variety of water chemistry experiments and activities, students collaborate with their global partner student by exchanging a series of video messages and learn how to design their own water filter.

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Teacher Feedback

“In Ghana, students know that when the power is out the water ‘is finished’ because the pumps won’t run and the stream water is polluted. I think it has been interesting for both schools involved to share this dialogue to expose both groups to the realities they individually live in.” (See the full article here.)

Taylor Chustz

Exponential Education, Ghana

“The most meaningful part of the course was hearing my students talk about the conversations they had with the Ugandan students. They also were very concerned that the girls did not have enough water. This led us to have many important discussions in class.The one area that really got to them was how the students in Uganda have tanks and have to save the water in reservoirs. One girl told our students about having to wash clothes in the same lake that the animals use.” (See the full story here.)

Ellen Neil

Episcopal School of Dallas, TX

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