global citizen series

Level Up Village Presents:
Global Citizen Series

Join the Global Conversation

Global Citizen Series Topics

global citizen series

Gender Equality

Addressing SDG Goal 5, your students will engage in a global conversation to discuss forging a gender equal world, celebrating women’s achievements, and raising awareness against bias.

global citizen series

Climate Action

Addressing SDG Goal 13, your students will engage in a global conversation to discuss the environment and climate action. Learn about environmental issues in your local region and collaborate with students around the world to create a better planet.

global citizen series

Politics & Social Media

Addressing SDG Goals 8 , 9, 10, 11, and 16, your students will engage in a global conversation on the convergence of politics and social media. Students will learn to engage with others with different views of their own as they discuss how to address relevant global issues in a localized society.

How does it work?

• With LUV’s Global Citizen Series, your students will have the opportunity to engage in a discussion around major global issues. 

• Using LUV’s secure teacher-monitored global communications platform, classrooms work with partner classrooms in other regions or countries. They exchange video messages to get to know each other and then work on activities that target global challenges.

• Each 2-week course targets important skills like creativity, empathy, collaboration, and real-world problem solving.  Students investigate world challenges while building intercultural competence and awareness. 

What are the goals?

• Introduce your teen students to global citizenship and develop 21st century skills.

• Teach your students to think critically about important global issues aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

• Give them the opportunity to collaborate with their peers nationally and around the world.


By pairing classrooms together in more than 60 countries, students have the opportunity to engage with others from different geographical, religious, cultural, economic, racial, ability and gender backgrounds. These partnerships are championed by LUV’s international partners who are committed to supporting global education.


Our “buy-a-class and give-a-class” model makes the collaborative experience, high-quality learning materials, and proprietary technology accessible to every
class involved. We provide the resources when and where they’re needed.


LUV’s student-focused courses promote the integration of
underrepresented students, and also foster a welcoming, supportive
environment that encourages participation and equal opportunity.

What does it cost?

$500 per course
Up to 25 students
(For ages 13 and up)