Summer Webinar Series: Girl Scouts of Connecticut

Virtual Field Trip through Africa

Welcome to LUV's Summer Webinar Series

Come join us on a virtual field trip through Africa!

The world is a global village and now is your chance to meet some new neighbors in your village!

1-week, 1 hour daily sessions

Each 1 hour daily session includes:

  • A cultural lesson from each country
  • A fun and engaging STEM experiment
  • Live discussions with our global partner team of STEM teachers
  • A follow-up packet filled with exciting and culturally relevant activities to reinforce learning

Visit a different African country each day for a week!

Sign up for these LIVE, virtual webinars with our team of STEM teachers throughout Africa!

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Here is what your journey will look like:


Monday: KENYA

Travel to a woodworking cooperative and learn how amazing carvings are designed from small pieces of wood, visit a small community of basket weavers and learn to weave colorful baskets, and learn a fun, traditional welcome dance.



Escape to the culture and community of a city in Zimbabwe and learn how to use STEM principles to cook a traditional Zimbabwean dish LIVE that you can share with your family.


Wednesday: NIGERIA

Visit a hospital and local market in Lagos, Nigeria, and work live with our team in Nigeria and learn how to make the fruit you have at home conduct electricity.


Thursday: Rwanda

Visit a local artist in Rwanda, work real-time alongside our team in Rwanda as they teach you a cool STEM trick with water, and learn about how air pressure is used to irrigate farms in Rwanda.



Learn from our team in Ghana as they teach you about the Ashanti tribe, as well as a fun children’s game played all over the country.

$25 per student for the entire series

July 6th – July 10th

8am Pacific, 10am Central, 11am EDT, 5pm Zimbabwe