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Who and What

Experiencias takes you and your students on an interactive cultural exploration of three Spanish-speaking countries: Colombia, Perú, and Argentina.

Each virtual visit is conducted in Spanish and is recommended for students with at least one year of language study.

Hosted by the cultural ambassadors of LinguaMeeting each Experiencia provides a fun and engaging way for students to experience the cultures they are studying in class.

Each Experiencia provides an authentic opportunity to experience culture in a unique way. Register for any 1, 2 or all 3 today!

The special introductory price is just $59 per class. Each registration provides access to stream a single live event from one location/device.

Teachers who register for the live event will receive access to the recording of the session the following Monday. Recordings will be available to stream for your class until June 30th.

When and Where


Friday, May 7 at 11:30am Eastern

See the sights in Cali, Colombia


Friday, May 14 at 12:00pm Eastern

Travel the Camino del Inca in Perú


Friday, May 21 at 12:30pm Eastern

Explore the cultural heritage of Argentina

Curriculum Enrichment

All Experiencias embody the World Readiness Standards and enrich your curriculum by providing students with opportunities to establish a link between communication and culture and make connections and comparisons with global communities.

Students will

• activate previous knowledge and prepare for the live event with a series of thought-provoking previewing activities.

• participate in a guided virtual cultural exploration for approximately 30-40 minutes with live, local hosts.

• ask questions via text chat to interact in real time with the hosts.

• compete against other students in a fun Kahoot at the end of each tour (Kahoot code will be provided by the host during the live event).

•build cultural competencies and engage in further cultural exploration with guided during and post-viewing questions and activities (available for download one week prior to each session).

Hosted by the cultural ambassadors of

How It Works

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Log in to the Experiencia at the scheduled time and join in on the cultural exploration!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if

• You are interested in different dates, times, or languages than the scheduled Experiencias

• You are interested in Experiencias for your school or district
• Culture Fair
• Global Awareness event
• Virtual Field Trip
• Spanish Club activity
• or other custom event

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