Leading a Team of Young Nigerians to Bridge Education Inequity in Nigeria

Education inequity looms in Africa’s most populous nation, but Level Up Village veteran teacher, Mr. Bright Kemasuode, is working with learners from Nigeria’s underserved communities to improve student’s academic and non-academic outcomes.

girl in classroom

Each time I look into the eyes of my students, I can see their desire to be innovative and creative, but the question is – who is that one teacher that is willing to go the extra mile to bring their dreams, hopes, and aspirations alive?

When we started our LUV global collaboration courses, my students were always shy and unwilling to participate because they felt less-than in comparison to their partners from other parts of the world.

students outside
school outside

Then, I decided to hold extra sessions to build their confidence and knowledge base on the different collaboration courses we participated in.

I am glad to tell the world that, irrespective of our location, and the challenges we face in participating in these classes due to our limited number of computers and power supply, we have completed over seven collaboration courses. This built in my students a strong desire to learn and become societal problem solvers, and they are always more than excited whenever we begin a LUV collaboration class.

In the words of one of my student’s, Yero Muhamed, ‘’Mr. B, when next are we traveling across the ocean to meet our white friends?’

Like Yero Muhamed, all of my students look forward to participating in our LUV collaboration classes and they are happy they have friends in other parts of the world. In the words of one of my student’s, Amirat, “Thank you Mr. Bright for giving me the opportunity to travel the world from my school.”

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As a LUV teacher, I have improved my teaching career by impacting not just my own students, but also my LUV partner teachers and their students across the globe.

A big thank you to Level Up Village and the WAAW Foundation for this opportunity to spark the desire of my pupils to learn and become global citizens, irrespective of their social background.