Global Citizen Series: Easter

Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with Students Around the World

Introduction to LUV

Our Global Citizen Series: Easter curriculum is a two-week exchange that will start between April 13 and April 20. The program will require an average of 2 hours of classroom time per week.

Each classroom will:

  • Explore the Bible and its message of resurrection and hope.
  • Learn about people in their community and the communities of their partner classroom whose lives have been changed by the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Participate in age-appropriate project-based learning that builds academic skills while reinforcing Biblical truths.
  • Exchange three videos over the course of the two-week connection with other Christians celebrating Easter around the world.

This program is open to all students grades 3rd (8-9 years old) -12th (18 years old). Your classroom will be paired with another grade appropriate classroom of students outside your local region.

In order to participate, it is important that teachers:
  1. Speak English.
  2. Have access to the internet for uploading and downloading.
  3. Dedicate at least four hours to teaching the material.

Sign up by March 25 for a fee of $99 per class (up to 25 students)* – limited spots available. Any Christian school classroom, enrichment club, after school program or Sunday School classroom can take part!

Please note: This class is offered with two options:

English option: Although English may not be the primary language of your partner classroom, all video exchanges will be in English. Best for use in Bible/religion class or as a means of integrating a Biblical worldview in English language arts or social studies classrooms.

Spanish option: Complete and receive video exchanges in Spanish. This is a great option for integrating a Biblical worldview in your Spanish language classroom.

*If you are interested in school-wide participation, please contact us for volume pricing.