Global Citizen Series: Diversity Day

Discussing Multiculturalism with Partners from Around the World

Introduction to LUV

Our Global Citizen Series: Diversity Day curriculum is a two-week exchange and will require an average of 2 hours of classroom time per week.

Each classroom will:

  • Discuss multiculturalism in their society.
  • Research and define what multiculturalism means in their society.
  • Exchange two videos over the course of the two-week connection with their partners.
  • Create one or more Public Service Announcement (PSA) or a poster* on multiculturalism to share with their partners.

*A PSA can be a simple video or podcast that will be shared on our platform for partners to learn from and provide feedback on. For instructions on how to create a PSA click here. If you would like to create a poster instead, this can be done easily on Canva.

PSA or Poster Topic:

Define what multiculturalism means in your region or society, in the concrete, behavioral, and symbolic sense. What is lacking from this common understanding? What can you do to broaden perspectives around this definition?

Your classroom will be paired with another classroom of students outside your local region. This is an innovative and evocative way to bring authentic learning into the classroom.

Please click here to access the curriculum for this course.