Designing a Website is Easier than You Think!


A double thumbs up from this student at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, who learned to code a robot and build a website in her Level Up Village Global Web Designers course this June.

By Jane C. & Vivian M., 7th graders at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School in Houston, TX

In my Level Up Village Global Web Designers course, I have learned to code different things, for example, a website and a robot. I have also learned how to create a website or blog on Weebly. The advice I have for kids who do not think they can code is to give it a try! Listen to directions or ask somebody who has already made their own website if you have any questions. It is easier than you think! The funniest moment during the class was when I had to code a gif of a random guy dancing next to my laser-eyed robot. It is funny the things you are able to code once you know how.

Over the past week, I have learned about various energy sources including solar, wind, and hydro. These are all types of clean energy, and can help prevent global warming. I focused on wind energy and learned that windmills are the fastest growing mode of electricity production across the planet. I also found out wind turbines create electricity and windmills produce mechanical energy.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 17.44.47

This St. Vincent de Paul student researched wind energy and incorporated information into the website she created with her global partner in Nicaragua.

I worked with my global partner by telling them about my country and they told me about their country. Since we both could not understand each other’s language, Level Up Village provided subtitles so we could collaborate and understand each other. We also asked each other questions to learn about the other’s way of life. I learned that we both eat tacos; I didn’t realize that we eat the same food. What surprised me the most is the amount of things (hobbies and interests) that we have in common. Learning about their way of life allowed me to understand the importance of using clean energy.


This the homepage of a website co-designed by a student at St. Vincent de Paul and her partner at NicaPhoto.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 18.01.52

This student at NicaPhoto in Nicaragua was one of the global partners for students at St. Vincent de Paul. In addition to collaborating virtually, they shared information about their daily life and cultural traditions in each video message.