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Does Your STEM Program Meet Standards? Ours Does!

By Erin Dowd

…All Level Up Village courses are compatible with many Common Core (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which allow teachers to focus on what’s important – their students.

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Using Collaboration to Prepare the Next Generation of Global Citizens

Our mission at Level Up Village (LUV) is to prepare students to become compassionate global citizens, while equipping them with the skills they need to navigate an increasingly global economy. With Level Up Village, your students can learn everything from CAD & 3D printing, to coding video games and animations, to science-centered classes in water chemistry and anatomy – all while collaborating with global partner students! See what educators are saying about our programs.

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21st Century Learning in Pakistan

Integrating 21st century technologies and best practices in K-12 educational programs is a key focus for the Society of International Education (SIE) in Karachi, Pakistan. One way the organization meets that goal is by offering Level Up Village courses as part of its iEARN Pakistan program.

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Top Reads to Kick Start Your School Year

By Esra Murray, Teacher at ISD

Thank you for joining us in our ongoing quest for revised ways to impact lives of 21st century learners. In our earlier post Top Summer “Recharge, Refresh & Refuel” Reads for Educators, we listed the first five books that are destined to reshape the way you think about teaching, learning and innovation, or at least validate our amazing work as educators. This week, we have another five phenomenal books that urge us to delve deeper into the behavior and attitude of learners and define the meaning of a true global learner.

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Harvard Expert Says Schools Have a Responsibility to Provide Global Citizenship Education

Are you addressing the needs of your students to learn to be globally inclusive citizens? Are they learning the technology and communications skills they will need to navigate our global economy? If not, the time is now. In an article recently published in Education Week by Fernando M. Reimers, a professor of international education and the director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative and the International Education Policy Program at Harvard University, addresses the issue head on.

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Leveling Up with Global Doctors DNA

By Wendy Cheng

…By the third day, our kids knew that what made us feel in the moment were videos that utilized more of three things: eye contact, speaking at length, and personalizing – by saying a partner’s name, and by really responding to what they had said. This became our focus going forward. We talked about how effective communication was something they had the power to model, as well as reflect back.

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Designing a Website is Easier than You Think!

By Jane C. & Vivian M., 7th graders at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

In my Level Up Village Global Web Designers course, I have learned to code different things, for example, a website and a robot. I have also learned how to create a website or blog on Weebly. The advice I have for kids who do not think they can code is to give it a try! Listen to directions or ask somebody who has already made their own website if you have any questions. It is easier than you think!

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STEM in After School Programs

The Rise of STEM in After School Programs

STEM programs are gaining significant traction in after school programs across the country. A recent survey by the Afterschool Alliance revealed that 70% of parents whose children participate in after school programs say those programs include STEM offerings. And demand is on the rise.

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Learn More About Level Up Village Programs at ISTE!

Are you attending the ISTE conference this week in Denver, Colorado? If so, stop by the Global Learning Playground on Wednesday to find out how to create impactful global learning experiences for your students through Level Up Village programs.

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Kids Collaborate on Websites Across Continents

By Heather Womersley, Teacher at All Saints Academy

In my recent blog post about the Level Up Village Global Web Designers course I taught this spring, I shared stories about the terrific interactions and cultural exchange that took place between my students and their global partners at iEARN Pakistan. In this post, I will delve more deeply into the specific web design skills they acquired (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and the outcome of their global collaboration.