Building World Problem Solvers in Nigeria

By Bright E. Kemasuode, Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Mission School, Ogun State, Nigeria

On arrival at my school, I felt the need to expose my learners to endless possibilities and knowledge through global collaboration courses. I felt the urgency to build their 21st century skills, and we decided to participate in Level Up Village courses notwithstanding the barriers and challenges we would face as learners from a low income school who have never had such an opportunity.

Our participation in Level Up Village courses has opened the minds of my learners. They have become more creative and innovative. They walk into my classroom at the close of school every day asking when the next course will begin. They are quickly learning about the social crises in the world and are building their capacity to become problems solvers and solution providers to the world.

I can boldly say that my learners have learned a lot, ranging from self-development to basic computer literacy skills, collaboration, creativity, self-awareness, empathy and above all, cultural differences. Their excitement knows no bounds and they are gradually becoming students that could change the world.

As a teacher, I have learned a lot from these courses, not just about leading a team of young minds but also about being a part of the process. My Level Up Village journey would be incomplete without saying a big thank you to the WAAW Foundation who gave me the opportunity to be a master STEM teacher. From everyone here we say a big thank you to WAAW Foundation and also to Level Up Village for this initiative of bringing the world closer to us through STEM enriching collaboration courses. I remain Mr. Bright E. Kemasuode, a teacher leader.