Connecting with Communities Around the World

A LUV/BOCES Partnership for Grade 3 Social Studies

Participate in a Global Conversation to Learn about Geography, Humans, and the Environment

This course is a social studies exploration and global exchange that will take place during the 2020-2021 school year. The curriculum is fully flexible and can be implemented in either a classroom or an online setting, making it an ideal choice for these uncertain times.


Deadline for registration: Friday, February 5, 2021

Teachers love our courses because they simplify planning and preparation.

  • Course is built around New York State requirements and addresses third grade required material.
  • Fully prepared lesson plans provide step-by-step guidance that incorporates Social Studies Practices and Common Core Literacy Standards for Grade 3.
  • Provides guided instruction in learning grade-level appropriate technology.

Students love our courses because they are engaging and fun.

Students will:

  • Apply Social Studies Practices in a real world environment.
  • Learn through researching and discussing their own community.
  • Create a grade-level appropriate technology-based presentation to share their learning.
  • Practice communication skills as they exchange ideas with their global partner on the LUV secure platform.
  • Focus on being solution finders and taking action to implement change in the world.
  • Exchange videos with students around the world that help develop a global perspective.

View a sample of the Curriculum:

This program is open to students in Grade 3. Each participating group will be paired with another grade-appropriate group of students from Kenya.

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