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Kids Collaborate on Websites Across Continents

By Heather Womersley, Teacher at All Saints Academy

In my recent blog post about the Level Up Village Global Web Designers course I taught this spring, I shared stories about the terrific interactions and cultural exchange that took place between my students and their global partners at iEARN Pakistan. In this post, I will delve more deeply into the specific web design skills they acquired (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and the outcome of their global collaboration.

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Web Design Through a Global Lens

Guest post by Heather Womersley, Teacher at All Saints Academy

Picture this: Rafay is teaching Kayaunna a few words and phrases in Urdu, his native language. Andrew is excited to hear that his partner Hakia also uses a PlayStation 2 video game console and shares his passion for video games and sports. Zoe, who is a voracious reader, is delighted to learn that Eksa’s favorite book is Narnia.

Although they have never met in person, a group of ten students at All Saints Academy are now 21st century video pen pals, so to speak, with students at iEARN Pakistan. They are collaborating together in Level Up Village’s Global Web Designers course offered as part of our after school program this spring. For eight weeks, we are crossing geographic, cultural, and language barriers to work on solutions to a common environmental problem and learning web design skills at the same time.