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Amplifying Learning with Virtual Reality

By Jake Parmley

Virtual reality is a powerful learning tool that affords students the opportunity to not just see or hear, but also interact in a virtual environment, and by doing so, arrive at a greater understanding. Now, due to its greater affordability and available content, VR has the potential to amplify learning by enhancing curriculums and providing context in a way that is both accessible and experiential, particularly in the STEM classroom.

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Global Classroom at SMES: PC Mag Reports

St. Margaret’s new partnership with Level Up Village supports the school’s strategic plan efforts to place an emphasis on STEM, innovation, global studies and using technology to create connections outside the classroom. And already, it’s beginning to make headlines.

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Level Up Village Joins The P21 Coalition

(Press Release) Washington, D.C. – December 13, 2016 – Today P21, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning welcomed Level Up Village (LUV) as its newest member. LUV joins an ever growing group of passionate business, education and government leaders dedicated to bringing high quality 21st Century Learning environments to children across the globe. A pioneering provider of global STEAM (STEM + Arts) enrichment, Level Up Village pairs up students in the U.S. with partner students in more than 20 countries for shared STEAM collaborations focused on real-world issues.

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Inspire a Love of Computer Science by Coding with Global Partners

School children all over the world are participating in Hour of Code this week, the phenomenally successful program spearheaded by This event is a key element of Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), an annual program designed to inspire interest in computer science among K-12 children worldwide.

With all eyes on Computer Science this week, be sure to take a look at Level Up Village’s globally collaborative coding courses. Our 8-10 week coding programs prepare students to join the global workforce by combining cutting-edge STEM with meaningful global collaboration.